Adult & Child minder Crash Course

Kerry has designed a 4-hour crash course.

Adults will learn basic swimming skills in 4 x 1-hour lessons held over 4 consecutive days.

Overcome anxiety and fear of being submerged in the water.

Discover a love for water that will change your life and wellbeing forever.

Please fill in the form for further information and available times!

Please be patient for a response from me, as I spend most of my time in the pool, but I will respond to your request as soon as I am back in my office.

Crash Course Success Stories: Hear What Our Students Have to Say!

From overcoming initial hesitations to mastering advanced strokes, these heartfelt testimonials showcase the positive impact of our expertise and passion. Join us in celebrating these stories of triumph, growth, and aquatic accomplishment.

“I can't say enough about how profound Kerry has been as a swim teacher. Her professionalism, skills, and enthusiasm for swimming lessons have greatly improved my swimming abilities and self-confidence. Kerry's ability to create a welcoming environment was evident immediately. Her patience in teaching me to swim calmed me. She tailors each session to my level, so I never feel overwhelmed while still improving. Kerry, thank you so much, you haven’t just been a swim teacher but a friend, I look forward to every lesson with you and always leave happy.”

Caits (daughter)

Date: 2023-08-17 21:03:22

“I am 54 years old and had a horrible fear of being in a swimming pool. I struggled with my fears and setbacks. I found swimming to be extremely challenging but now I look at swimming with a more comfortable and positive attitude and after every lesson I now leave with a sense of achievement. Kerry, I am grateful, you are dedicated and excellent, your calmness, understanding, patience and encouragement helped me gain confidence.”

Cheryl (mom)

Date: 2023-08-17 21:02:19

“Thank you very much to you Kerry. I have indeed learnt so much. You are an awesome teacher. I have achieved my goal which was to be able to swim”


Date: 2023-08-14 20:34:55

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