Family Learn to Swim

We at Swim4life-ptn want to ensure that the whole family is water safe!

It is our objective to establish comprehensive water safety for families. We emphasize the necessity of aquatic competence among parents and child minders alike. In light of the unpredictable nature of accidents, it becomes important to address the possibility of a child encountering distress while in the pool. In such scenario, the ability of the supervising adult to rescue the child in distress becomes imperative.

We will teach you how to swim safely together as a family.

Please fill in the form for further information and available times!

Please be patient for a response from me, as I spend most of my time in the pool, but I will respond to your request as soon as I am back in my office.

Swimming Families Success Stories: Hear What Our Students Have to Say!

From overcoming initial hesitations to mastering advanced strokes, these heartfelt testimonials showcase the positive impact of our expertise and passion. Join us in celebrating these stories of triumph, growth, and aquatic accomplishment.

“Kerry has been an outstanding & attentive teacher for me and my 3 boys from the age of 5. She has helped my two older boys, who are now aged 14 & 12, to be confident swimmers. They have both participated in school galas, as well as being part of their school swimming squad. I am also a confident swimmer after taking lessons with her. I am thankful for her patience & hours in the pool with you.”


Date: 2023-08-14 20:19:51

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