Learn to Swim:

Right from the start we build on your swimming skills.. Progression, progression and progression. Everything we do at Swim4Life-Ptn will lead into the next step of your learn to swim journey.

3 Week course: Baby and Me

Booking essential.

Parents introduce your child to swimming. These classes will prepare both the child and the parent for private swimming lessons.

Family Learn to Swim

We at Swim4life-ptn want to ensure that the whole family is water safe!

It is our objective to establish comprehensive water safety for families. We emphasize the necessity of aquatic competence among parents and child minders alike. In light of the unpredictable nature of accidents, it becomes imperative to address the possibility of a child encountering distress while in the pool. In such a scenario, the ability of the supervising adult to rescue the child in distress becomes imperative. We will teach you how to swim safely together as a family.

Learn to Swim: 3yrs +

Children 3+ participate in a 15min private lesson.

Once we confident in the swimmer’s ability in the pool the learner will join a 30min class with other children of the same ability. We will progress into stroke correction, diving, and endurance training.

Adult & Child minder Crash Course

Kerry has designed a 4-hour crash course.

Adults will learn basic swimming skills in 4 x 1-hour lessons held over 4 consecutive days. Overcome anxiety and fear of being submerged in the water. Discover a love for water that will change your life and wellbeing forever.

Stroke Correction

Swimmers attend classes to perfect their stroke.

Swim efficiently get the most out of every stroke.

Aqua Classes

Small classes 3 – 5 participants per class.

Participate in a fun filled aerobic aqua class. Meet new people and make new friends while you, increase your range of motion, endurance and physical fitness.


Body and mind Strengthening. Booking essential.

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